09: Building a Beautiful Life With Mental Health Struggles- Julie Lee

mental health talk Julie Lee

Episode 9 Show Notes

So many of us experience mental health struggles, yet we suffer alone and in silence. Julie Lee’s mission is to let others know that they are seen and heard, because compassion and connection save lives. In today’s episode, Julie shares with us her journey with her mental health, and how she’s coping and utilizing today to be able to live a functional and happy life. I’m thankful Julie is so open to sharing her story, as I know there are many of you who might be struggling with stigma and shame surrounding what you are experiencing.

We talk about
-Julie's story
-panic attacks
-shame surrounding medication
-ways Julie uses medication along with other things to support her  mental health
-her podcast I See You, and book Broccolipunzle: A Fracture Fairy Tale

Connect with Julie Lee:
Instagram: I see you podcast
Facebook: I see you podcast

Everything about living after losing a child is exhausting. And I don't even feel like I can stop and really grieve my child. I have too many responsibilities and 2 living children who depend on me. I feel like if I stop, I might not be able to go on again. So for now, I will pause (not stop) and cry for my forever 15 month old.  I wake up every morning so sad. I can't do this anymore I am so sick of feeling like this and now it is making me physically sick. I am mad, hurt, guilt is eating me alive. I am to the point that I just don't know what to do to get that energy back . The don't want to be around people. Everyone else is moving on but me.

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