Grief Resources

Hey friend- I put together this list of recommended Books, or whatever products relating to a child’s death that could be helpful or useful for you as a grieving mom. Some of these were useful for me, and some were recommended by other grieving mothers.


-Tear Soup: By Pat Schweibert

-Healing a Grieving Parents Heart: By Companion Press

-It’s OK that You’re Not OK: By Megan DeVine

-The Body Keeps the Score: By Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D.

-How to Help Your Grieving Friend: By Megan Hillukka

shops/Gift ideas

They carry a variety of items including jewelry, apparel, custom art, and a journal


Lindsay makes beautiful handmade memorial jewelry and keepsakes

THERAPY Resources,

You can go here to find a therapist who is trained in Eye Movement Desensitiaztion and Reprocessing (EMDR). This therapy was amazingly helpful for me with PTSD, and lowering my symptoms to a livable level.,,

These are websites you can look at to try find a therapist near you. You can see their credentials and what they specialize in.